If You Got It Take Pictures of It!


There is a famous saying that “if you got it, flaunt it!”. To most people, it is a form of encouragement to be proud of your attractive physical features. While some would perceive it as vanity, an ego booster they might add, there is nothing wrong in showing off your gifts. It is a fact that if you are sexy and beautiful, you automatically belong to the popular group as more people actually admires you. With all the praises of adoration it is undeniable that it also makes a number of people feel jealous to the extent that they would go to extreme measures just to have your sexiness and your attractiveness.

Having said that, still, attractive physical traits do fade in time, especially when people get old. But while you still got it, why not consider having it recorded in a glamour nude photo. Nude is considered as art in the highest level. A lot might argue that it is perverse and is usually referred to as a form of erotic photography. However, people have been doing it since way back in the ancient period. We have seen a lot of sculptures and paintings of people in the nude all throughout history. Just look at ancient Greek arts and paintings of the impressionist period and see that it has been a rich source of inspiration for artists down the years. The purity of working with the human body without the hindrance of clothing to cover up the flaws and imperfections is what makes nude art so alluring.

In modern times, perhaps the quickest way to record art is through photography. In the case of recording your nakedness, there is Glamour Photography Perth. In general, art nudes are more in line with the classical styles that aims to show the forms and lines of the human body in its purest form. Although a lot might still consider having naked pictures as taboo, more and more people are actually getting a lot more daring these days especially when they’ve “got it”. Nude Glamour Photography is a subgenre of nude art that aim to tantalize the viewer. However, it is strictly not pornographic and it usually only involves the subject in a state of undress or wearing lingerie.

Taking nude glamour photographs is actually a lot of fun provided that you have the right professional photographer. Your nude photo can make you look and feel super sexy. It can lift you up when you are down, especially when you have a feeling of insecurity. So try considering having a nude glamour photography session yourself while you still “got it”!To learn more about Boudoir photography, go to http://www.huffingtonpost.com/news/exposure/.


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